Secondary Education

The Chinese Association, through the financial contribution of members and friends of the Chinese community, raised the amount of $10,100.00 and established an Entrance Scholarship Fund.  The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage children of Chinese decent to further their studies in a local post-secondary education institution in this province.

The entrance scholarship is administered by a Scholarship Committee established by the Chinese Association with the following committee members: Dr. Daniel Wong (Chair), Mr. Arthur Leung, Mr. Alick Tsui, Ms. Jane Mah, Dr. Eugene Tsoa, and Mr. Shu-Lun Wong.

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student entering a full time program at one of the local post secondary educational institutions.  The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance.  The amount of the award, currently valued at $500 per annum in interest on the capital, will be subject to a review based on the annual rate of return to the trust fund.  The presentation of the award will be made annually to the successful candidate at the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Ms. Lynn Kuo was the recipient of the first entrance scholarship award, which was presented on September 30, 1995 by the Honorable Fredrick Russell, Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland, at the closing Ceremony of the Centennial celebration at the Colony Club in St. John's.  Ms. Kuo is pursuing her post-secondary education at the school of Music, Memorial University.

1995 scholarship recipient - Ms. Lynn Kuo from St. John's.

1996 scholarship recipient - Ms. Michelle Lee from St. John's.

1997 scholarship recipient - Ms. Suyin Chan from Clarenville.

1998 scholarship recipient - Ms. Linda Hoang from St. John's.

1999 scholarship recipient - Ms. Gloria Tam from St. John's.

2000 scholarship recipient - Mr. Justin Soo from St. John's.

2001 scholarship recipient - Ms. Tze-Hao Hsu from St. John's.

2002 scholarship recipient - Ms. Inga Liu from St. John's.

2003 scholarship recipient - Mr. Keith Au from St. John's.

2004 scholarship recipient - Mr. Adam Wong from St. John's.

2005 scholarship recipient - Mr. Tze-Yang Hsu from St. John's.

Guidelines for the Granting of Chinese Scholarships

1. The Chinese Association offers one entrance Scholarship of $500 annually to students entering a full time program at one of the Provincial Public Post-Secondary Education Institutions.  The amount of the award will be subject to an annual review based on the availability of funds.

2. This scholarship will be administered under the Scholarship Committee established by the Chinese Association.

3. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic performance.   Applicants will be required to have obtained an over all average of no less than 75% in eight 3000 level courses in high schools.  The award will be given to the candidate with the highest average.

4. Eligible candidates must be family members of the Association in good standing in the last two years.  Candidates must be of Chinese descent, and either a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant.  There will be no age limits on eligible candidates.

5. Candidates shall submit the application to the Scholarship Committee of Chinese Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Applications must be received by the committee by the end of October each year.

6. Presentation of the award will be made to the successful candidate at the annual Chinese New Year Celebration.

Scholarship Application Form

Charlie Fong Memorial Scholarship for University Education

The Charlie Fong Memorial Scholarship is the result of an endowment by the Fong family in memory of their great-grandfather, Mr. Charlie (Moo Sic) Fong.  It was established to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Chinese settler in Newfoundland and to promote an awareness of the Chinese Cultural and Historical background in the province.

In 1897, Charlie (Moo Sic) Fong (then 22 years old) father of Davey Fong, grandfather of Hayford Fong, and great-grandfather of the Fong children Betty, David, Barbara, Arthur and Geraldine arrived in St. John's and stayed until 1933.  He returned to China, and died there in 1934.  In 1939, Davey became the second Chinese adult to become a citizen of Newfoundland.  Hayford, as a minor, became a Newfoundland citizen as well.  This allowed Hayward to obtain a British passport to travel to China in 1948 where he married Oio-Hi Wong.  Among others, Hayford is also a well-known Chinese Singing Cowboy in Newfoundland.  The Fong family has much for which to be grateful.  Hayford and Oio-Hi, together with their five children, have prospered here in Newfoundland, and contributed $10,000 to a scholarship fund in memory of their ancestor Mr. Charlie (Moo Sic) Fong.

This scholarship, valued at an annual interest of approximately $600.00-700.00, is to be awarded to an undergraduate student attending Memorial University.  This scholarship is administered by the university, and will be awarded on a rotating basis in various disciplines such as Folklore, History, English and so forth.  Candidates will be chosen on the basis of academic performance and a relevant written work, and upon a recommendation from the head of the appropriate department.  The scholarship will be given early in winter semester and presented to the student at a local function held to celebrate the Chinese New Year.