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Dear Members and Friends,

Greetings! And to those of you who have been travelling, welcome back!

The weather in St. John’s has been finicky as we still eagerly await the arrival of Spring! It has been an active couple of months. On April 13th, CANL held an Easter Family Day at the North Bank Lodge of Pippy Park. We were blessed with a nice afternoon where children were able to go to the play park for the Easter Egg Hunt and took photos with the Easter Bunny. There were also egg painting activities and other games.

A Mother’s Day fun day also took place on May 12 at Whee Indoor Playground. It was a joint event co-sponsored by the MUN Youth Association and CANL to celebrate Mother’s Day, with supervised fun activities for the children, a makeup/skincare session for the mothers, and a pot luck lunch prepared by the dads! Both events were well attended. Many thanks to the volunteers who worked hard in making these events happen, also Whee Indoor Playground for providing the venue and lower admission for the kids.

Some parents have indicated that these events helped bring a sense of family to the community, and the CANL executives would like to continue to offer more opportunities for such family get togethers.

The senior luncheon will take place on June 2nd. Once again, our sincere thanks to Hong Kong restaurant for their hospitality and generosity in inviting the seniors in the association for an afternoon of great food and fun. Please see CANL home page for the details of this special event. The Flower service and BBQ will take place on August 11th. It is a special time to pay our respects to our predecessors, and to connect with each other, esp. with those from out of town. Please invite family and friends to join us.

All the Best,

Simon Tam, President
Newsletter 2019 vol. 42, no. 2
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