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  Kung Pao Chicken *
  The most famous Szechwan dish. Diced chicken
  breasts, green pepper, onions, celery, carrot
  and peanuts sautéed in a hot chili sauce
$ 8.25

  Kung Pao Shrimp *
  Same as above but this is with shrimp
  instead of chicken with no peanuts
$ 8.95

  Yu Hsian Beef or Chicken *
  Tender beef or chicken prepared with garlic,
  and cucumber sauteed in a very tasty hot sauce
$ 8.25

  Yu Hsian Scallops *
  Prepared the same way as above, but with
  scallops instead
$ 9.95

  Ma-La Chicken or Beef **
  Sliced chicken breasts or tender beef with
  fresh mixed vegetables sauteed in a hot dry sauce.
  A must for all spicy lovers
$ 8.25

  Shredded Pork with Peking Bean Sauce *
  Sauteed tender pork with green peppers, onions
  and carrots in a bean sauce
$ 8.25

  Orange Flavor Beef or Chicken
  Tender beef sauteed with onions, sun-dried hot
  peppers and orange peel in a sweet orange sauce
$ 8.25

  Sauteed Beef or Chicken and Scallions
  Simply stir-fried in a wok with scallions and
  seasoned with our special soya sauce
$ 8.25

  Szechwan Assorted Platter *
  Young shrimps, scallops, chicken breasts with
  mixed vegetables, sauteed in a special hot sauce
$ 9.75

  Seafood w/Sizzling Rice (Wor Bar)
  Young shrimps, scallops, and vegetables served
  over our sizzling rice
$ 11.95

  Beef Subgum w/Sizzling Rice (Wor Bar)
  Top sirloin beef sauteed with tomato, green pepper,
  onion crowned with sweet and Piquant Sauce
$ 9.95

  Home Style To-Fu
  Fresh Chinese vegetables with lots of to-fu and
  mixed meats cooked slowly with our homemade
$ 8.25

  Ma-Po To-Fu *
  Diced to-Fu and pork sauteed in a red hot sauce
$ 8.25

  Honey Ribs Peking Style
  Tender ribs sauteed in our homemade honey sauce
$ 8.25

  * = Hot and Spicy              ** = Extra Hot and Spicy