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  Lemon Chicken Cantonese
   Tender, lightly breaded chicken served with
  a very tasty lemon sauce
$ 8.25
  Pineapple Guy Pan
   Sliced chicken breasts with pineapple,
   green pepper and onions in our Cantonese
  pineapple sauce
$ 8.25
  Phoenix Chicken
   2 chicken breasts stuffed with B.B.Q. pork
  and green onions, deep-fried until crispy and
  served on a bed of mixed vegetables
$ 9.25
  Cantonese Chow Mein
   Shrimp, scallops, diced chicken breasts,
  B.B.Q porkand mixed vegetables served on a
  bed of noodles
$ 9.95
  Beef in Oyster Sauce
   Beef tenderloin with snow peas and mixed
  vegetables stir-fried in oyster sauce
$ 8.25
  Beef with Baby Corn
   Imported baby corn with our lean tender
   beef,celery and carrots
$ 8.25
  Cantonese Satay Beef
   A delicious South China dish. tender beef
  in a pineapple Satay sauce
$ 8.25
  Beef with Tomato/Broccoli/Green Pepper
   Tender beef with one of the selected
  vegetables above stir-fried with onions
   and our Cantonese sauce
$ 7.95
  Cantonese Seafood
   Young shrimp, scallops, sliced chicken
  breasts and mixed vegetables, sautéed
   in a Chinese cooking wine
$ 9.25
  Imperial Ribs
   Tender ribs blended with our chef's special
  sauce. The all time favorite for rib lovers
$ 8.25
  Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork
   Crispy pork pieces sautéed with pineapple,
   green peppers.and onions in a special
sweet and sour sauce.
$ 8.25
  Beef or Chicken with Chef Special Sauce
   Stir-fried with green peppers, onion and
$ 9.75
  Fried Rice Noodles "Singapore Style" *
   Shimp, B.B.Q. pork. egg and onion stir fried
  with rice noodles and curry
$ 8.25
  Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
   Jumbo shrimp in our special black
  bean sauce
$ 11.95
  Curried Chicken or Beef with Vegetables
   Sliced Chicken or Beef with a curry sauce

$ 8.25